Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Collapse of 2019
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For Geoff Wright, the Green Party of Canada candidate in Vancouver Quadra, the failure of the 2019 Fraser River sockeye fishery demonstrates to Canadians what’s at stake this election.

Speaking to supporters earlier today, Geoff shared his position on the failed sockeye fishery currently affecting indigenous and non-indigenous voters located in Vancouver Quadra - and throughout the province.
“The UN, through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has been clear: society
has just over a decade to restrict carbon emissions in order to avoid exceeding a 1.5 degrees
C increase in global average temperature.”

“Voters understand that, after this election, whoever forms government will be responsible
not only for developing a blueprint for shifting the economy  to lower carbon emissions and
the greater use of renewable resources, but also for protecting living organisms - including
keystone species such as Pacific salmon - and the communities dependent upon natural
resources for their livelihood.”
Though climate change is believed to be a significant factor contributing to the ongoing instability of Pacific salmon returns to the Fraser River, Greens understand that years of underfunding have created program and staffing cuts at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), leading to the mismanagement of this essential resource.
“It’s my view that it’s not just the effects of climate change on Pacific salmon that we’re seeing, but also the consequences of inadequate funding for DFO’s Pacific Region. The events of this season and seasons past illustrate Ottawa’s failure to support the agency and this keystone species over the long-term.”
Wright added that agency’s ability to adequately assess and monitor salmon stocks has been eroded over the years. At the same time, as salmon advocacy groups report, enforcement and habitat protection programs have suffered. “Only evidence-based decision-making supported by proper research can help us make the right choices for this resource, for other species and for the communities dependent upon healthy, stable returns of Pacific salmon.”
Mr. Wright concluded “Since time immemorial, Musqueam people have harvested salmon in Vancouver Quadra. For nearly a century, up until 1985, our electoral district was home to commercial canneries and fishers, with their net lofts and boat sheds, as well as generations of residents who fished recreationally in and around the area. What is unfolding in front of us now is nothing short of an ecological disaster and a timely example of our current politics failing to address biodiversity loss and the climate emergency.”
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